The Flash Podcast Season 1.5 – Cisco Ramon in Season 1

This week on Season 1.5 of The Flash Podcast, Andy and Adam are joined by special guest Amy Ratcliffe (Writer of Star Wars, Nerdist, IGN and more) to do the first character review of the summer season: Cisco Ramon! In the discussion, we chat about Cisco's overall arc from Season One of The Flash as one of Barry's most loyal allies who discovers shocking secrets about himself that will play a huge role in season 2! That and more on the summer edition of The Flash Podcast!

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The Flash Podcast Season 1.5 - Is Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot Coming in Season 2?

On episode zero of season 1.5, the summer season, Andy, Adam and Chris get together to discuss some of the first pieces of news for The Flash's 2nd season with characters like Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot from the DC mythos possibly coming to the show. They also discuss the big San Diego Comic-Con news that Warner Bros. TV and DC Comcis has in store for The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham. That and more on the summer edition of The Flash Podcast!

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The Flash Podcast: Comic Book Noob - The Flash

In today's podcast, we bring you a special edition of Comic Book Noob - a podcast that Scott Murray developed for the Assembly of Geeks. Comic Book Noob is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to helping geeks make the jump from movies & TV shows to the comics! Each episode includes discussions and comic book recommendations for less experienced readers.

Since launching last month, they've covered Ultron, The Vision and Daredevil. Their June 4th show covers The Atom. Now that Season One of The Flash is over, have you been thinking about checking out the comics for the first time? If so, listen as Scott and Andy, along with Matt Moore (who covered comics for Associated Press) and Regina Davis (Comic book store owner) discuss the TV series and make suggestions on where to start reading the comic books.

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