The Flash Podcast 23 – Fast Enough

On this week's episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Scott, Lauren and Amy review The Flash's 23rd episode titled "Fast Enough", the season finale that changes the lives of all the characters forever! They also read listener feedback about the season finale before letting everyone know what is coming up for the podcast this summer!

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DC TV Podcasts 01 – Assembly

May 16, 2015 - The DC TV Podcasts Family (Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, The Flash Podcast, Legends of Gotham and Supergirl Radio) did a 9 hours live marathon of all their shows for the podcast circle's very first Cancer Research Fundraiser event for Winship Institute.

The 9th and final hour is a big DCTV assembly featuring Quiver's Michael Cohen, Supergirl's Rebecca Johnson, who was joined by special and regular Supergirl Radio guest host, Michael Bailey, Gotham's Bill Meeks and Anne Marie DeSimone, as well as The Flash Podcast's Amy Marie, Lauren Gallaway and Andy Behbakht.

Together, they celebrate the big success of the first fundraiser event that went beyond their initial goal of $500 to over $1100 as well as everyone's perspective of being part of DC TV Podcasts as a Justice League of TV Podcasting. In addition, there is plenty of exciting DC TV Universe discussions such as:

*Everyone's individual thoughts on the first trailers for CBS' upcoming series Supergirl and The CW's mid-season show, DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

*A lightning round of DC TV Fan Awards with favorite character and best plot twist, as well as some of the live listeners' thoughts in the Mixlr chat.

To everyone who promoted the event, donated to the fundraiser, interacted with all of us on social media, participated in the Mixlr chat that day: from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for the support to this great cause and we hope to see you for our future fundraiser events!

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DC TV Podcasts Cancer Research Fundraiser: The Flash Podcast

On The Flash Podcast section of the big live DC TV Podcasts Cancer Research Fundraiser event that took place on May 16: Andy, Amy and Lauren chat about the second half of the first season of The Flash as we gear up for the season finale on May 19. They also take several listener questions such as what do they hope to get answers on in the finale, what TV shows they would want to integrate into the DC Comics universe as well as some DC's Legends of Tomorrow talk! That and more on this special installment of The Flash Podcast for the Cancer Research Fundraiser of DC TV Podcasts!

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The Flash Podcast 22 – Rogue Air

On this week's episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Scott and special guest Pete (host of review The Flash's 22nd episode titled "Rogue Air" where several Rogue members return, the Amell cousins (Stephen Amell as Arrow and Robbie Amell as Firestorm) share the screen for the first time to help Barry fight the Reverse-Flash! Shag from also swings by for a quick chat about Firestorm in this episode. They also read listener feedback about the episode before heading into the spoiler section for next week's episode "Fast Enough" - the season finale!

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The Flash Podcast 21 – Grodd Lives

On this week's episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Scott and returning guest Rebecca Johnson (host of review The Flash's 21st episode "Grodd Lives" where The Flash and Gorilla Grodd goes toe-to-toe for the first time! They also read listener feedback about the episode before heading into the spoiler section for next week's episode "Rogue Air"

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