The Flash Podcast 033 - Firestorm

Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this episode, Andy Behbakht is joined by a great former guest of the podcast, Shag Matthews (Webmaster of who did the character spotlight for Caitlin Snow a few months ago. This time, he joins Andy to teach him as well as the listeners all about Firestorm!

The discussion features characters who have been Firestorm - Ronnie Raymond, Martin Stein, Jason Rusch -, his comic book history in the Pre/New 52 era, powers, publication history, comic recommendation, his apperances in the media and more.

They also specualte on how Ronnie Raymond is going to be portrayed on the new The Flash TV show with Robbie Amell (cousin of Arrow's Stephen Amell) debuting as Ronnie in episode 3 "Things You Can't Outrun" as well as how Martin Stein might come into the show eventually.

If you want to learn more about Firestorm, then this is the perfect episode for you!

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The Flash Podcast 032 - Reverse-Flash

Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this episode, Andy Behbakht is joined by Justin Mouton from Unleash the Fanboy and together they do a character spotlight on another very iconic Flash villain: Hunter Zolomon a.k.a. Reverse-Flash!

Throughout the discussion, they go through Zolomon's comic book history in the Pre-52 era as the Reverse-Flash/Zoom as he was also known for. In addition, they talk about the differences betwen Zolomon and Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom!

They also go through The New 52's Reverse-Flash who, in this continuity, is a member of the West family: Daniel West, the brother of Iris West. At the end of the episode, they speculate on how the new TV show is going to portray Reverse-Flash or even Professor Zoom for that matter.

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The Flash Podcast 031 - Captain Cold

Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this installment, Andy is joined by his great friend and fellow podcaster, Mike Halpin from the Earth Prime Weekly podcast.

Together, they do a character spotlight on one of the greatest Flash characters and one of the biggest Rogues: Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold!

Throughout the character discussion, they go through Cold's comic book history in both the Pre-52 era as well as in The New 52, in addition, his appearances in the media.

They also speculate on how Captain Cold is going to be portrayed on the new "The Flash" TV show where he will be played by "Prison Break's" amazing Wenthworth Miller, starting in episode 4 titled "Going Rogue".

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The Flash Podcast 030 - Co-Host Introduction: Laura Keeney

Welcome to a special episode of The Flash Podcast!

On this installment (which is also the 30th episode!), Andy Behbakht finally introduces the third new co-host of the podcast, Laura Keeney, Online Producer of The Denver Post.

Throughout this introduction episode, Andy and Laura discuss several geek topics like Arrow, The Flash, the new Wonder Woman suit as well as other TV, film and comic topic as Laura tells us about herself, her work at Denver Post and much more.

During the time of recording, a huge piece of Flash news broke which they discuss in the episode as Clancy Brown is joining the show in a huge role!

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The Flash Podcast 029 - Post-Comic-Con 2014

Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this installment, Andy Behbakht is joined by Flash Podcast member Adam Holmes (from Unleash the Fanboy and What Culture) for a post-Comic-Con 2014 discussion.

Throughout the episode, they discuss the news that came out of it for certain DC television shows as well as the upcoming DC/WB movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In addition, Andy talks about his personal experience at SDCC, what it was like to go to the press junkets for Arrow and The Flash for TV Overmind (the TV outlet he works for) and he also teases an upcoming giveaway!

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