The Flash Podcast 028 - TCA 2014 Talk and Pre-San Diego Comic-Con Show

Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this installment, Andy is once again joined by Adam Holmes (from What Culture and Unleash the Fanboy) and it's a special episode for Mr. Holmes. This marks his real welcome as he is officially part of the Flash Podcast team as a contributing writer and guest host! Throughout the episode, they focus on the recent Flash panel that took place at the Television Critics Association where they announced a lot of exciting things.

Those announcements included a very big casting for a certain Rogue that might make you freeze as well as the major upcoming crossover event between Arrow and Flash! In addition, they focus on The Flash's presence at San Diego Comic-Con which will kick off this week and in case you missed it, The Flash Podcast will be there.

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The Flash Podcast 027 - Co-Host Introduction: Justin Cavender

Welcome to a special episode of The Flash Podcast!

On this installment, Andy Behbakht introduces one of the two new permament co-hosts for the podcast, Justin Cavender, executive editor of Geek Legacy. Throughout this introduction, Andy and Justin discuss several geeky topics such as The Flash, Arrow, movies as Justin tells us about himself and much more.

Be aware, Speedsters: it is one heck of a spicy podcast episode with lots of laughs and nerd discussion so please, enjoy this episode. Make sure to stay tuned for the second part where we will introduce the second new co-host that will round this trio, after San Diego Comic-Con!

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Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this installment, Andy is joined by his friend Siike Donnelly (from OSSM Comics) who was a guest host at the start of Season 0. Together they do a character spotlight on The Flash's arch nemesis, Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom!

Throughout the discussion, they go through Thawne's comic book history in major comic events such as "The Flash: Rebirth", "Flashpoint" as well as his appearances in the media. They also speculate on how Eddie Thawne (to be played by Rick Cosnett) is going to be like on the new TV show as wel as how Professor Zoom will be portrayed.

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The Flash Podcast 025 - Weather Wizard

Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this installment, Andy is joined by a former Flash Podcast guest, Dave Dellecese, long time Flash fan, journalist and writer of the digital comic book "Holidaze". Together they do a character spotlight on a big Flash villain: Weather Wizard! In the discussion, they focus on Mark Mardon's comic book history, both in the pre-52 and the New 52.

We also speculate on how Weather Wizard will be portrayed on the new TV show, with the introduction of Clyde Mardon (Mark's brother) who will be played by the great Chad Rook in the pilot. Note: this episode was recorded before the premiere date was announced as well as the San Diego Comic-Con news.

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