On the season 8.5 finale of The Flash Podcast,  Andy, Lacy, and Breeze get together with special and returning guest host, Vanessa Shark (Host of DC on HBO Max Podcast and The Lituation Room) to do the final character spotlight before season 9 starts! One of the new big bads for the final season will be none other than Red Death, but it will be a fresh take on the iconic DC foe. Join the gang and learn all about Red Death's DC history and how the Arrowverse will do the villain differently with Batwoman's Javicia Leslie. That and more on the season 8.5 finale of The Flash Podcast!

SPECIAL MESSAGE: As we are heading into the show's final season, it's our mission to give you an amazing season 9 coverage. For this final season, The Flash Podcast will be going LIVE on DC TV Podcasts' YouTube channel every Thursday (time to be announced!) as we cover every episode. Through our live shows, you will be able to take part in the conversation LIVE and we look forward to engaging with you every week until the series concludes. So make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel right now and hit the notification bell, and that way, you will be notified about when we go live!

Last but certainly not least: we will be going all-in for TFP Season 9, with attempts to get more interviews, opportunities, and content for all of you wonderful listeners. So more than ever, subscribe to the podcast and follow us through our social media links below, as every engagement matters and will help to make everyone's season 9 experience as iconic as possible!


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