On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast,  Andy BehbakhtTatiana Hullender and Swara Salih are joined by good friend of the podcast Jon Lee Brody, to wrap up Season 4.5. For this year's summer season finale, they have a deep discussion about what they want to see for the Scarlet Speedster himself in Season 5, Mr. Barry Allen while also reflecting on his journey in Season 4. What needs to be in Barry's evolution this season as he takes on fatherhood? What do they want to see change for Barry as a hero?

In addition to that, they have a big chat in the news section as there have been several big announcements for this year's crossover, which will officially be called Elseworlds. LaMonica Garrett has been tapped for as the Monitor, a major DC player for those who have read Crisis on Infinite Earths, along with Jeremy Davies who will play the villainous Dr. John Deegan of Arkham Asylum. What does this all mean for the crossover? That and more are discussed on the Season 4.5 finale of The Flash Podcast! Next week...Season 5 of the podcast begins!

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