The Flash Podcast Special Edition: Flash In 2016 Retrospective & 2017 Predictions

On this week’s special edition episode as well as the last episode of The Flash Podcast for the year, your hosts Andy Behbakht and Adam Holmes get together for a retrospective of the scarlet speedster in the year of 2016 before entering 2017. It’s been a big and long year for everyone’s favorite speedster, both on The CW, the comics as well as on the big screen in the DC Extended Universe.

Throughout the trip down memory lane, the duo talks about some of the biggest Flash moments of 2016 in comics and media, the podcast reaching over 100 episodes this year and more. In addition, they talk about the new trailer for the mid-season premiere titled “Borrowing Problems From The Future”, what’s coming up in Season 3B in 2017. That and more on the special edition episode of The Flash Podcast!

From everyone on the podcast team: Happy New Year speedsters, thanks for everything in 2016, see you in 2017 and make sure that you don’t miss the epic mid-season premiere on Tuesday, January 24 at 8/7c on The CW! Until then folks…see you in a flash!

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