The Flash Podcast – Episode 100

While The Flash TV show won’t be hitting this number until Season 5, this week’s The Flash Podcast is a special one as it’s the podcast’s 100th episode! For the 100th episode of the internet’s first Flash TV Podcast that began this journey all the way back in December 2013 with Season Zero, the whole gang gets together as Andy Behbakht, Amy Marie Hypnarowski and Lauren Gallaway celebrate this huge milestone. As they celebrate hitting 100th episodes, the hosts reflect on their individual journeys with the podcast, the best things about the TV show, how they came to know each other and so much more. In addition, they read some of the messages from the listeners and their thoughts on the podcast over the course of three years. In addition, find out what is coming up for the podcast with Season 2.5, the big DC TV Podcasts fundraiser next Saturday and a cool giveaway.

From the bottom of all of our hearts here on the podcast: we’re blessed to have the greatest listening audience in the whole Multiverse, tuning in every week to join us celebrating the big love we all have for the fastest man alive. Regardless of when you started listening to us, whether it was as early as Season Zero, or during the first season, summer season or even this year, we appreciate all the support, love and engagement over the past three years. Hitting 100 episodes is a tremendous goal and we look forward to continue the adventures of The Flash with an amazing summer season planned out as we wait for Season 3 to begin and more. May the Speed Force Be With You and enjoy the big celebration of 100 episodes of The Flash Podcast!

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