The Flash Podcast Special Edition – Extended Zoom’s Identity Discussion

On a special edition episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy and guest-host Ashley Robinson (host of History Lesson) get together discuss more about the huge reveal last week on The Flash – SPOILER ALERT – Zoom’s identity which was revealed to be, a version of Jay Garrick…but what’s the deal?! What is up with the three - possibly four! - Jay Garricks on the show? Was the man in the iron helmet another Jay or someone else, maybe Eddie Thawne? What is Zoom’s background, where does he come from and why so many Jays’? That and more on the latest special edition of The Flash Podcast! Don’t forget: The Flash is currently on a mini-hiatus for a couple of weeks and will be back with all new episodes on Tuesday, March 22 at 8/7c on The CW with the 16th episode titled “Trajectory”, but don’t worry – we’ll be around!

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