The Flash Podcast Season 1.5 – Iris West in Season 1

This week on Season 1.5 of The Flash Podcast, Andy is joined by two new guests to the podcast: Alan Kistler and ReBecca Theodore as they join him for the next character character review of season one of The Flash. This week it's all about one of the most iconic female characters of the DC Universe and the love of Barry Allen: Iris West!

In the discussion, they analyze Iris's season 1 arc of The Flash, favorite moments, her beautiful relationship with Barry/The Flash and speculates about her journey in season two of The Flash with her becoming the new leader of Team Flash as well as what her relationship with Wally West is going to be like. In addition, they talk about some of the big recent casting news that The Flash has announced with Jesse Quick and Zoom. That and more on the summer edition of The Flash Podcast!

Make sure to check out Alan and ReBecca on the Internet at the following websites and podcasts:

-Alan's website and his podcast Crazy Sexy Geeks on iTunes and Soundcloud

-ReBecca's website and her podcast Cinema in Noir on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes

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