Welcome back to The Flash Podcast! On this installment, Andy is once again by Adam Holmes (From Unleash the Fanboy, What Culture), and for the first time, Chris Doucher (From Comic Book Thereapy) to discuss the extended trailer for The Flash! We also discuss the news that Stephen Amell will be appearing in The Flash pilot as well as the show’s official timeslot. They also take time to read feedback from the listeners about the amazing trailer. Official Website - theflashpodcast.com Facebook - Facebook.com/TheFlashPodcast Twitter - Twitter.com/TheFlashPodcast Stitcher - Stitcher.com/podcast/the-flash-podcast iTunes - goo.gl/J5XB4m Google+ - goo.gl/GnSdkE Soundcloud – soundcloud-com/theflashpodcast E-mail us at theflashpodcast@gmail.com
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