On this special edition of the podcast, Andy and Craig Byrne (KSiteTV, Flash TV News, KryptonSite, and many more) get together LIVE to go through all the TV shows and movies that ALMOST happened for the Scarlet Speedster before we got the Arrowverse series! That and more on this special edition!

Season 9 returns on Wednesday, April 26 - the podcast will be back with one more special edition on April 20, which will be in a CALL-IN SHOW; check below for more details!


Jeph Loeb Working On A Movie:

The 1987 Script by Superhero Stuff You Should Know (EXCLUSIVE):

Unlimited Powers TV Show:

Justice League of America (film):

The WB's 2003 Show:

Impulse Spinoff:

Superhero Stuff You Should Know's Episode On David Goyer's Unmade Script: 

Shawn Levy To Direct:

Justice League Mortal Artwork:

Geoff Johns & Dan Mazeau’s Movie:

Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim’s Movie:

DCEU's Messy Movie History:


The Flash Podcast Special Edition: Call in Show!

Season 9 - Episode 9: “It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To” (LIVE SHOW)

Season 9 - Episode 10: "A New World, Part One" (LIVE SHOW)

Season 9 - Episode 11: "A New World, Part Two" (LIVE SHOW)

Season 9 - Episode 12: "A New World, Part Three" (LIVE SHOW)

Season 9 - Episode 13: "A New World, Part Four" (SERIES FINALE LIVE SHOW)

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