In this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, AndyTatianaBreeze, and Lacy get together with friend of the show and fellow DC TV Podcasts member Kat Calamia (host of Legends of Tomorrow Podcast) for an exclusive interview about her comic series Like Father, Like Daughter! As Kat is doing another Kickstarter campaign for her series, the TFP gang chats with her about the process of making your own comic and what goes into it. Throughout the interview, Kat talks about how she discovered her love for writing, the themes her comic touches upon, and a whole lot more! That and more on this week’s The Flash Podcast!

If you want to check out an amazing series and support it, please back Kat's Kickstarter campaign by clicking here where you'll find all the information about the rewards and more. Like Father, Like Daughter can also be found on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to like and follow the pages! For more of Kat's amazing content (which we 100% recommend you check out!) subscribe to her YouTube channel and find her on social media @ComicUno!

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