The Flash Podcast Season 2.5 - Episode 2: Joe West In Season 2

On the second episode of Season 2.5 of The Flash Podcast’s summer season, Andy Behbakht and Adam Holmes are joined by special guest and fellow DC TV Podcasts member, Carly Lane (host of Supergirl Radio and weekend editor at The Mary Sue) for the first character review for Season 2.  It’s none other than Detective Joe West (played by the brilliant Jesse L. Martin), father of Iris and Wally West, surrogate dad to Barry and member of Team Flash.

Throughout the discussion, the trio talks about Joe’s journey in Season 2 as he discovered that he had a biological son out there. The show also gave us a look at Joe West of Earth-2 that was quite different from his Earth-1 counterpart. The gang also brings up their favorite Joe moments and what they hope to see for him in Season 3 both during and after the Flashpoint saga.

They also discuss a couple of news items for The Flash with the show being set to appear at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con again along with the news that Violett Beane will be back as Jesse Quick for Season 3. In addition, they nerd out about the announcement of Lynda Carter, TV’s Wonder Woman, coming to Supergirl for Season 2 as…the President of United States! That and more on the summer season of The Flash Podcast!

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