On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast Season 4.5, Andy BehbakhtTatiana Hullender and Swara Salih get together once again to discuss what they want to see for these characters in Season 5! But this week is slightly different as the trio, get into a new edition called Flash Tangents where they focus more on the news.

In the news segment, they discuss the casting of Ruby Rose as Batwoman who will appear in the Arrowverse crossover before headlining her potential series, as well as the reactions to the news online. They also get into the reveal of Barry's new costume for Season 5 that unfortunately came a little bit of controversry and body shaming. Last, but not least, they talk about what they want and expect from the new Harrison Wells that is coming in Season 5. That and more on the summer season of The Flash Podcast!

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