Welcome back to The Flash Podcast! On this installment, Andy is once again joined by Omar Spahi, CEO of OSSM Comics, and together they do another character spotlight: Cisco Ramon aka Vibe! They discuss the character’s comic series in the New 52, “Justice League of America’s Vibe”, his pre-52 version and his role overall in the current continuity. In addition, they also speculate about what Cisco’s character is going to be like on The Flash as well as on Arrow because tonight (April 16), the character will be making his live-action debut, played by Carlos Valdes! If you want to get a first look and feeling of the character before he pops up on The Flash, then make sure to tune in for his Arrow appearance, 8/7c on The CW as well as listen to this podcast episode! Facebook - Facebook.com/TheFlashPodcast Twitter - Twitter.com/TheFlashPodcast Stitcher - Stitcher.com/podcast/the-flash-podcast iTunes - goo.gl/J5XB4m Google+ - goo.gl/GnSdkE Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/theflashpodcast E-mail us at theflashpodcast@gmail.com
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