Season 6 of The CW drama The Flash is looking to be its biggest year yet, with new foes, new chapters and a massive crossover that takes one of the biggest DC stories to screen. At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the cast and showrunner of The Flash were present to preview the new season that will arrive in October. The Flash Podcast took part in the press room this year to discuss with the actors and executive producer on what to expect in Season 6.

One of the talents that were present was Harrison Wells himself as Tom Cavanagh chatted with the press about things to look forward to in the new season. Things that Cavanagh talked about included:

*On what he is allowed to tease about the new Harrison Wells and how soon we might meet him in Season 6.

*On how involved he has been with creating each Harrison Wells for the respective seasons that have come and gone.

*How grateful he is to get to help create new characters for Harrison Wells in the last few seasons.

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