WARNING: This The Flash interview with Danielle Panabaker is a full-on MAJOR SPOILER article as it breaks down tonight's episode of The Flash Season 8, Episode 13, "Death Falls." Read at your own risk!

The Flash season 8 has been going through one of its darkest storylines this year as the show re-imagined the DC baddie Deathstorm while also jumping into the world of horror and supernatural. As the latest graphic novel got more intense over the last few weeks, it became evident that a tragic death was on its way and this week's episode came as a game-changer for Team Flash as they lost one of their allies.

While it stopped Deathstorm once and for all, Killer Frost made the ultimate sacrifice in order to defeat the big bad. Even though this is in a comic book and superhero universe, The Flash's massive death is sticking as "Death Falls" was not a fakeout nor will they retcon the heartbreaking ending.

The Flash Podcast's Andy Behbakht recently sat down with Danielle Panabaker, who has portrayed Caitlin Snow and Frost for over eight years, to breakdown "Death Falls." Throughout the interview, Panabaker discusses how this story came about, the experience of playing two characters at the same time, a reflection on Frost's legacy, as well as tease how this affect's Caitlin's arc going forward in Season 8. This interview is available in text and audio version, both on podcast platforms and on DC TV Podcasts' YouTube channel.

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